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Write Ups On “How I Met Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak And His Messages That Blessed Me” From Around The World

Apostle Joshua Selman

“At a time when all around me gave way, I felt life was unfair to me base on the happenings around me.until heaven orchestrated an apostolic meeting through the PFN youth fellowship which I have not recovered from till this moment….God bless you, my mentor and friend….like you always say which I believe that *we shall all be great and we shall all come to know ourselves*…..i love you….happy birthday” 

Onah Ode Sunday 

“Happy birthday to Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak. I got his first message from a friend, I had not heard of him before then and my friend didn’t even say anything about him he just gave me some of the messages. The first I listened to was “conquering cosmos” and the message that has blessed me most significantly is “Secrets of the Kingdom part 2″ when he told us to pray that we become disloyal to every paradigm and ideology that is not consistent with that of the Kingdom. My most favorite sentence he made was; ” The word of God is the compendium of information that constructs his understanding.” Apostle’s life and ministry has been an invaluable blessing to me and has massively transformed my life and he continues to challenge me towards excellence, may God continue with him to ever greater heights in Jesus name.” 

Izrael Purpose 

“Happy birthday sir age gracefully I never knew you none heard about you until I came in contact with this name Zion Breed Camp and since then there as being a burning desire in me and have seen you countless times in my dream through one of your messages title altar of prayer and since then I do wonders and speak in tongues which I don’t do before .indeed a voice to be celebrated.” 

Cheedinmah Flora 

“Thank God I met you on my way to God’s kingdom, I blessed the day I met you, more grace upon you sir. I really blessed the name of the Lord for what God has done in my life through your messages. I was baptized by the Holy Spirit through one of your messages. when I started I don’t even know, it just started like this… Tar tar tar. In fact that day I don’t even know that am carrying something until later when a brother prayed with me..all glory back to God.. Glory! .i can’t even forget many impartation which you have impacted into my life through the gift of the Spirit which the Lord as embedded in you through your messages, may u never depart from Grace… You are my distant mentor,am looking forward to that day when I will meet you sir.. Happy birthday to you sir long life and prosperity dad!…i know am carrying SOMETHING I respect what am carrying not for boosting..i know am carrying SOMETHING! If not for you where will my spiritual life be today..dnt think otherwise I know what am saying my spirit bear me witness… Thank God I met you… Fresh 🔥 from the Holy Ghost willbe Larvish on you sir this day… Although u may not know me but I know you have blessed my life bountiful….Thank you sir! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LONG LIFE AND PROSPERITY IN MORE LIGHT OF HIM” 

Oluwaseun Olamide Olalekan 

“Hmmmmmm u have blessed me beyond words can explain. Seriously I don’t know how ur message got into my phone but since that day my life was changed. This message,” SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE ” hmmm has changed my life. My prayer for u sir is that our father will continue to enlarge your coast. Nations will continue to hear u. The portals of heaven are continually open to u. Ur life and family remain blessed. Happy birthday sir.” 

Rita Ebosa 

“Before I got the opportunity to be live in Zaria for Koinonia, it was as if I have been there all along, wow and each time I listen to a new or old message its ever fresh and life-changing encounter, I quickly become a channel of distribution of Koinonia’s messages, my life entirely turn around my understanding became clearer, thank you sir for allowing God use you. Kaii am forever grateful, my entire generation yet unborn is impacted already the 🔥 is too contagious.. Keep burning sir. Happy birthday my hero my mentor #AJS” 

Martin Miracle 

“Ever since I started listening to your Spirit filled message, my life has been transformed to another new level. God has used you mightily to bless my life. Thank you so much. It’s an honor to have you in our generation. More grace and glory of God upon your life sir. I love you dad” 

Janefrances Okonkwo 

“God bless you sir, I av never met you but av received a great impartation from ur massages. I wish you heaven best Sir. Hapi birthday” 

Janet Jonathan 

“I begin to hear his message through my friend’s phone and from there I begin to download his message, I am always in love of ur message happy birthday sir” 

Yasum Ibrahim Habu 

“The messages I received was powerful and full of insight and till date following gradually… Thanks to my dear friend UBACHUKWU ONYINYE and a super HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SIR” 

Nkiru Okoye 

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