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Suboration is the place where mysteries are unveiled by the illumination the Holy Spirit provides using the Word! We hold our services every last Sunday of the Month at the city of Ilorin, Kwara State Nigeria.

We Focus majorly on the Word and Worship spurring Wonders. Our main mission is to give voice to the voiceless. Bringing people to the class of God according to Psalm 119 vs 130!

We are here to challenge youths to wake up to their positions as Kings and Priests of Our God taking responsibilities, till the Kingdom of this world become the Kingdom of Our God and of His Christ, claiming dominion over the whole earth! We give no place to darkness, unveiling mysteries then becomes the highest priority! Till knowledge of the glory of the Lord take over the earth!

Find below Messages From our Services

June Edition 2018

Prayer Boost

Kingdom Influence

Till the Spirit Be Poured On Us From On High

July Edition 2018

Prayer Boost

Phero [Upsurge]

Unveiling Mysteries

August Edition 2018 – Anticipate

Prayer Boost