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Tributes To Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak By Koinonia’s Head of Departments

On behalf of the Department of Protocol and Logistics of eternity network international, we deeply appreciate you, sir. I have never seen you give up on us. My life has changed since I met you. By the reason of my service in the ministry, I have experienced favor.

On behalf of the welfare department, we celebrate you, sir.
You didn’t give up on us despite our old ideologies. We say yes a thousand times to following and emulating you as you follow Christ.

On behalf of the media department, we thank you for your Consistency. God bless you, sir.

Standing here on behalf of the prayer department, we want to celebrate you, sir. We love you.

On behalf of the finance department of Eternity Network International, We really love you daddy. Happy birthday.

On behalf of the technical department, we celebrate you. Thank you for being an epitome of Excellence.

On behalf of the Public Relations department of Eternity Network International, we want to celebrate you for answering the call of God. May your teachings fashion ambassadors out of us in the Name of Jesus.

On behalf of the decorations department of Eternity Network International, we celebrate you for the paradigm shift and for teaching us to love people genuinely. We love you, sir.

On behalf of the ushering department of Eternity Network International, we count it a great privilege to serve in this ministry. As a department, we want to tell you we will give our best. Thank you, sir! Happy birthday.

On behalf of Koinonia Worship Team, Daddy, we love you. Thank you for answering the call of God. Thank you for holding on to your values. Thank you for the transformational messages. Thank you for believing in us. Words can’t quantify how much you mean to us.

On behalf of the School of Ministry Students, I have come to celebrate Daddy. My life has changed since I joined the ministry. Daddy has been very good to us. Joking with us, eating with us and dispensing wisdom.
We are very grateful sir.

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