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Tributes From Around The World To Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak – Sixth Batch

Tributes From Around The World To Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak - Sixth Batch

The Man whom God used to meet me right there in my most downward moments in life and lifted me out of the mud. Only God will bless you for me. The story of my life can never be complete without the mention of Apostle Joshua Selman. The LORD bless you and keep you Sir, More grace more of God in you. The World must hear of you more and more. Happy birthday Sir” 

Chundung Althea Botfang

God bless you sir for the lives u have impacted through your teachings especially my life. Happy birthday Sir” 

Samuel Etim 

“I have sincerely committed my way to the Lord. Thank you for allowing the will of God to come to past in my life. Your inspirational messages are doing wonders in my life. I can now live life again without fear just because I know there is none except God that is able to do all things. Happy birthday!” 

Samuel Folashade

“I want to wish daddy a happy birthday…
His life and ministry has been a blessing to our lives…
Much love for u daddy. Daddy happy birthday sir…. #DE #DYNAMITE #Emmanuel” 

Emmanuel Jolly Ogbebor 

“What more can I say….seriously from the depth of my heart I say thank you daddy for paying the price…everything I am today can be traced to my connection with you…you have indeed blessed my life beyond measure….and my prayer for you sir is that this current level of grace, the anointing, wisdom, wealth, etc. Will be the least you will ever be…may God take you from glory to glory…you haven’t seen anything yet sir…thank you once again daddy for been a part of my destiny….I sincerely honour you and I respect the grace of God upon your life…HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY..(#AJS)”

Benedict Alex 

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