October 2018 Miracle Service Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman

October 2018 Miracle Service Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman

Koinonia holds her monthly Miracle Service every last Friday of the Month Aside Decembers, Below are some snippets, prayers, and prophecies from October 2018 Miracle Service with Apostle Joshua Selman

Snippets From October 2018 Miracle Service:

  • The realm of the Spirit is a compendium of possibilities with no time limits. The nature of prophecy is futuristic, such that it alters activities from the spiritual realm and causes it to manifest physically.
  • The victory of the saints is at the mercy of the comprehension of the operations of Kingdom systems.
  • As a believer, you must deliberately apply the knowledge of the principles of the Kingdom to genuinely command results.

Ephesians 4:18 (KJV)
Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart:

  • As believers, we build and prosper on account of the words of prophecy upon us.
  • Words are utterances which in themselves are powerful, but prophecies are utterances backed up by God’s Anointing.
    Prophecies are capable of changing situations.
  • Words are mysteries which are mobile, they are factors in speakings that contain life and death. Words are likened to messengers responsible for delivering their sent messages.
  • Words are mighty systems of impartation, they convey information responsible for producing specific results.
  • Words in the realm of the Spirit are erasers of ordinances upon men. They are capable of altering negative pronouncements to create change.

Pray: That which has left my life, I speak to you; return to me tonight! By the power of prophecy, I declare a change upon everything that must be changed in my life tonight.

Additionally Prayers From October 2018 Miracle Service:

  • In the Name of Jesus, for my years of delay, Lord bring supernatural speed in every area of my life. (Mention the areas).
  • In the Name of Jesus, Father, bring speed to my destiny.
  • In the Name of Jesus, I receive the grace to discern my miracle in this season.
  • In the Name of Jesus, every prepared blessing that the prophetic Word has made available, I step into it now!
  • In the Name of Jesus, I decree and declare that every delayed promise must manifest before the end of this month.

Furthermore Prophecies from October 2018 Miracle Service:

  • Anyone having any physical object that is not of God in your body. I declare in the Name of Jesus, let it leave now!
  • I break the yokes of darkness over every life in the Name of Jesus!
  • I speak over people from the region of Kogi state, let everything that is not of God in your life leave now!
  • Let the fire of the Holy Ghost visit and release everyone tied down by any chain in the Name of Jesus!
  • In the Name of Jesus, I take charge over the spirit responsible for closed doors.
  • I send the rod of judgment upon the hand of the wicked in every family in the Name of Jesus.
  • I declare in the Name of Jesus, may the grace protecting this ministry speak over your life. I forbid the earth from receiving your body.
  • In one minute, pray and speak over Kaduna state. Pray against the spirit that causes bloodshed.
    Pray and intercede for bereaved families.
  • From tonight, carry strange favor!
  • May the healing power of God come upon every one with terminal diseases that devour finances in the Name of Jesus!
  • May the favor of God open the doors for financial favor upon you!
  • Everyone trusting God for a job, may the Lord surprise you!
  • For those in business, I curse the spirit that brings Fruitless labor.
  • I erase every negative statement made by people out of anger into your life, in the Name of Jesus!
  • Everyone in ministry, I command fresh fire in the Name of Jesus!
  • Everything God has shown you since January that is yet to manifest, may this month of October deliver it to you in the Name of Jesus!
  • Whatever has brought pain, shame and distress to your family, let them be turned into testimonies in the Name of Jesus!
  • Every miracle that has started in your life must come to completion in the Name of Jesus!
  • Every anointing and grace that God predestined to rest on your life and ministry, may they rest on you now!
  • Whoever has forgotten you that should remember you, may they remember you now!
  • Any human agent that has vowed that any of your requests will be impossible, may the fire of judgment fall upon them.
  • Let every need represented here be turned into a miracle in the Name of Jesus.

Conclusively Salvation Prayers:

  • Lord Jesus, tonight I acknowledge that I can’t save myself and I ask that you be my Savior, Lord, and King. I receive eternal life into my spirit and I declare that I am saved and I am a child of God.

As you anticipate the Download link for October 2018 Miracle Service with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak please be informed that you can download ALL Koinonia Messages 2011 till date by following this link. Click here to Download a well-cataloged Messages of Koinonia

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