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Koinonia Service Held Friday 21st June 2019 with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

Koinonia Service Held Friday 21st June 2019 with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

Koinonia Service Held Friday 21st June 2019 with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

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  • Pray: Lord, teach me the excellency of placing value on You.
  • Pray: Lord, give me an encounter tonight.

“Let the weight of Your glory fall
Let it cover all the earth
Let the weight of Your glory fall
Let it cover all the earth…” – Song

“Open the floodgates of heaven
Let it rain
Let it rain
Open the floodgates of heaven
Let it rain
Let it rain…” – Song

  • As a believer, your gaze should continually be on Jesus. Refuse to be moved by the vicissitudes of life.
  • Pray: Lord, open my eyes to see tonight.
  • Revelation is encapsulated in the light of God’s Word. It comes from God as light but depends on the quality of your mental enlightenment to translate into the truths that will guarantee results.
  • The only faculty of your tripartite being that can receive light is your spirit man. The body is an executor; it executes the conclusions of your body, soul, and spirit.
  • It is not only when you are fed with flawed beliefs that you can be harmed but truths not arranged sequentially can cause harm to you.
  • Spiritual growth contains an exact curriculum; the sequential revelation of truths matters. The dimension of breakthrough you desire requires a certain kind of revelation.

“Yes Lord
Yes Lord
You are the King
There is no other…” – Song

  • According to God’s order, there is a pattern to life. God rearranges your life by taking you through trials to reveal your true state. How you grow will determine what you become in Him.
  • Some circumstances are intentionally orchestrated by God’s mercy to ensure you go through the required growth process as a believer.

“We want to see You like a mighty rushing wind
We want to dwell under the shadow of Your wings
So Blow, Blow, Blow like a mighty wind
Spirit of Victory
Cover us with your wings…” – Song

  • Evil altars can be destroyed when you’re properly built as a believer.
    Hold the hands of someone and pray in the Spirit.
  • Pray: Lord, my Christian experience must be fruitful.
  • Pray for your destiny; declare that your destiny must open up in the name of Jesus.
  • Pray: Lord, let every disarrangement of truth that has been responsible for stunted growth in my life be rearranged sequentially by your mercies tonight.
  • Pray: Lord, I will not fail You and I will not fail destiny.
  • Pray: Lord, help me to align to Your will for my life.
  • We give God the glory for a profound testimony. A man of God had financial constraints, as a result, his wife couldn’t return to school for a semester. After attending a Koinonia miracle service, the wife returned and saw an excellent result for the semester she had missed!
  • You reign in life based on the advantage you have. Kingdom advancement is based on systems of advantage. Covenants are systems of advantage.
  • Pray: Lord, I walk into the systems of advantage You have provided for me.

“Oh Lord
Set my heart on Fire for You
For You
Oh Lord
Set my life in order for You
For You…” – Song

  • Pray: Lord, reveal to me every advantage that makes for my excelling in life.
  • The first step to an encounter with God is surrendering your life wholly to Him. He’s reaching out to you tonight. Here’s an opportunity to either rededicate your life to Him or make Him the Lord of your life.
  • Salvation Prayer: Lord Jesus, I believe that You are the Son of God. Tonight, I have heard Your Word and I have come to You to receive abundant life. I declare that from today and forever, Jesus is my Lord, I declare that I am a child of God and I am saved. Thank You Lord!


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