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If you can conceive it, God can deliver it. Have, a not given up Spirit and you shall have all your expectations met. God sometimes wants to see our tenacity and extent of our faith in Him! Even though it tarries wait for it (‘keep fighting for it’) it shall surely come to pass.

You need to fight for it through faith! Faith doesn’t know retreat, faith always have it! It might cause more nights to pray, more wisdom, more clarity and instructions, more fasting etc. But, guess what when it land you won’t even remember what it took you!

God allows some stuff to get our faith strengthened and for us to grow up in our work and trust in Him. Sometimes my daughter asks me for stuff, I heard her but I kept mute because I wanted her to say it again!

You’re not forgotten, you’re not limited, you have not served God in vain! Your rain is about to pour! Be like Elijah, until the seventh time he didn’t stop the prayer! Oh but Elijah was anointed why didn’t God answered him at once like the time he called down fire! Sometimes God wants us to know we are human and He is the one doing the work and won’t share the glory!

He does as He pleases! A day is like a thousand before Him and a thousand like a day. It is our responsibility to keep Him to remembrance of His word to us! You can move every mountain if you believe!

#Mark 11:23-24

with Pastor Bayo Olubiyi

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