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June 2019 Miracle Service Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak [Happy Birthday Sir]

June 2019 Miracle Service Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak [Happy Birthday Sir]

June 2019 Miracle Service Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak [Happy Birthday Sir]

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Snippets, Prayer, and Prophecies:

  • God’s servant, Apostle Joshua Selman, sends his warm greetings and gratitude to everyone who celebrated him on his birthday.
    God bless you.

When believers are gathered in God’s Presence, they should receive;

1. Encounters (the substance of the reality of God, crystallized in your spirit).

2. Transformation: Believers must be exposed to the truth that is capable of transforming them. The Word of God should come with power not just to inform but to transform us (as believers).

3. Grace to permit the Holy Spirit to manifest the multifaceted dimensions/ possibilities found in Christ in their lives.

4. Impartation (Transference of graces)
The gathering of believers is a convergence of graces and dimensions of several men that may not be manifest in your life. When we gather, graces are transferred. Every time believers are gathered in God’s Presence, it is an opportunity to fellowship.

  • Every moment in God’s Presence is an opportunity to receive a miracle. Miracles in themselves pass specific messages; God uses them in the lives of men to manifest His glory and restore time.
  • According to the Scriptures, man is the zenith of God’s creation therefore every other entity submits to man. Satan tries to use negative situations in the life of man to discredit God, but God shows up to frustrate Satan’s plan and destroy his pride.
  • Every time you’re faced with challenges, discern the messages in them and see them as a means to show forth God’s Power. God is continually seeking a man he can use to show forth His glory and disprove Satan.

“Olowogbogboro is turning things around
Olowogbogboro is turning things around
For my good…” – Song

  • By virtue of this miracle service, may you become the conveyor of testimonies and not just a receiver!

Psalm 126:1 (KJV)
When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

“Everything that was lost, shall be restored unto you
Everything that was stolen, shall be restored unto you…” – Song

  • There is a high tendency for believers to compromise when they are at the peak of lack. It is, therefore, necessary for believers as well as ministries to attend to the current needs ravaging the lives of believers.
  • It is God’s desire that believers experience the multifaceted possibilities in Him. What connects believers to spiritual possibilities is God’s divine power, not mere faith.
  • Faith is the channel through which God’s power flows through to get to believers.
  • Every possibility first happens in the spirit realm before it is executed on earth. It is expedient that as a believer, you tackle problems spiritually first.
  • The grace upon your life is what controls the results around your life.
    Pray: Whatever must come upon me for my life to change, let it come.
  • Prophecies: An end comes to every oppression of darkness in your life in the Name of Jesus!

Every spirit other than the Spirit of the Christ at work in your life, let it leave now!

I decree and declare that closed doors over destinies, be opened now!

Any family under any form of ordinances, be liberated and freed in the Name of Jesus!

I curse altars and ordinances speaking against the people of God.

God is liberating people from Benue state. Stay connected

For every lady who gets molested at night by strange entities, I command deliverance for you in the Name of Jesus!

By the spirit of grace, I declare the restoration of everything that has been stolen.

Pray and insist that everything that should leave your life must leave now!

God is setting people free from everything that has held them back. Be free right now in the name of Jesus!

Everyone under any form of the yoke, be free. Let destinies be released in the Name of Jesus!

Every closed door, be opened now!

I declare freedom from anything sitting on your destiny. Gates, be opened! Destinies, be opened!

Every yoke, altars, and oppression of darkness, I declare by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, be free now!

Every closed door refusing to open, I declare them open now!

The grace for speed is coming upon people. In the Name of Jesus, I shift you to the next level right now.

For certain people, nothing works in your family, I shift you by prophecy to the next level right now in the Name of Jesus!

For anyone God has called, may the anointing locate you now!

The grace for unusual speed is being released. Receive it now!

Every door held down by witchcraft, be opened now!

God is averting death over families. Stay connected.

Every spirit that ties your destiny goes out now!

The prophetic grace is resting upon people’s lives. Connect in faith and receive it now!

Every embargo of marital delay upon your family is broken!

Academic delay is being settled right now, let the anointing locate you in the Name of Jesus!

God is ending delay and releasing speed upon people.

I curse the spirit of death upon everyone in the Name of Jesus!

An end comes to financial hardship in the Name of Jesus!

I decree and declare that the Egyptians you see today, you’ll see them no more!

I decree and declare that every weariness and lack of hunger for spiritual things leave now!

For every long-standing issue, return with your testimony in the name of Jesus!

I release a grace for establishment and quick settlement upon you in the Name of Jesus!

For everyone called jobless, before the next 3 months, return with miracle jobs in the name of Jesus!

Every man who must arise to favor you, I call them to your life now!

I compel all men to work for your lifting in the Name of Jesus!

For everyone called barren, according to the time of life, return with your children in the Name of Jesus!

For students in every institution writing exams, let the mercy of God speak for you!

I release a strange dimension of wealth upon you and I decree that between now and the end of July, your finances will rise to a higher level!

May God bring you out of any pit you find yourself in, in the Name of Jesus!

May your life reflect extraordinary fruitfulness in the Name of Jesus!

  • Christ is presenting an opportunity for you to dedicate your life to Him. Surrender your life today.
  • Salvation Prayer: Lord Jesus, I love you and I believe that You died for me. Tonight, I give my life to You and I receive Your life as mine. I declare that I am a child of God.


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