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External Ministration: Download Encountering God’s Mercy with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

Are you struggling presently with addictions? Do you feel rejected, dejected and downcasted? Does it feel as if God is in some far away distances? Does your press into God seem like you are still in the same cycle? Do you know what God Mercy really looks like? Are you tired of a life of struggles and emptiness? Do you want to have a redefinition of things, and want God walking in your favour? Have you ever imagine a “mockless” life? Then, with this message[Encountering God’s Mercy], you are about beginning that journey!

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Good News:

Do You Know taking effect from now! ALL Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak’s Messages are downloaded at a Click? We just brought an end to the difficulty you experience with downloads, thus what more? Moreso, taking effect fully from 1st July 2018 all our ebooks will be downloaded at a click. Our team is working relentlessly to make you have fun over all our downloads! Something Big is Coming that you must not miss out of! As a reminder, our ebooks are accessed at Sermons at Spiritual Worship at and Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak’s Catalogued messages at while his external ministrations are available at

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Encountering God’s Mercy with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

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