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Download Watchman Nee Collection (66 Books)

Download Watchman Nee Collection (66 Books)

Download Watchman Nee Collection (66 Books)

Watchman Nee was born in 1903 in Swatow, China as an answer to his mother’s prayer. Having already borne two daughters, she prayed that if God should give her a son, she would give him back to God. As the boy grew up, he showed every sign of promise except he had no interest in things spiritual. It was not till he was seventeen years of age that he was met by the Lord. He knew at that time that he must accept Christ Jesus as his Savior, yet he struggled over the necessity of surrendering his life to the Lord. The love of Christ finally overwhelmed him and he capitulated to Christ. This was on April 29, 1920. He had such a love for the Word of God that he studied it almost incessantly, so within a very short period he had read the whole Bible several times. He began to witness for Christ to his school mates and soon earned the nickname of “the preacher”. In searching the Scripture, he (with a few other believers) discovered ‘the simplicity and purity that is towards Christ.’ He determined to follow the Word of God explicitly and nothing but the Word.

In 1927 he began his life work in Shanghai, where he was able to practice the vision which the Lord had shown him in the Word. He understood that the eternal purpose of God is Christ and His Church. Through the mighty working of the Holy Spirit and the faithful ministry of this servant of God, this testimony spread over the vast land of China.

In 1949 the Communists took over China. Knowing what would be waiting for him back home, he nonetheless felt strongly his responsibility toward God and His Church. So he returned to China from Hong Kong in 1950. In April of 1952 he was seized and put in prison. He was later falsely accused as a master spy and was sentenced to twenty years of imprisonment. In prison he was not allowed to do anything but what was assigned him by prison authority. At the expiration of his sentence term, he was not released, and the news arrived quickly that he died faithful to the Lord.

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A Balanced Christian Life.pdf 
Four Planes of the Supernatural Life.pdf 
Do All to the Glory of God.pdf 
A Living Sacrifice.pdf 
Come Lord Jesus.pdf 
Aids to Revelation.pdf 
Assembling Together.pdf 
Basic elements of the Christian life 2.pdf 
Assembling Life.pdf 
Basic Elements of the Christian life 1.pdf 
Back to the Cross.pdf 
Christ The Sum of All Spiritual Things.pdf 
Church Affairs.pdf 
Economy of God.pdf 
From Glory to Glory.pdf 
Full of Grace and Truth. Vol. 1.pdf 
From Faith to Faith.pdf 
Gleanings in the Fields of Boaz.pdf 
Full of Grace and Truth. Vol. 2.pdf 
God’s Plan and the Overcomers.pdf 
God’s plan an God’s Rest.pdf 
Gospel Dialogue.pdf 
God’s Work.pdf 
Grace for Grace.pdf 
Interpreting Matthew.pdf 
Latent Power of the Soul.pdf 
How to Study the Bible.pdf 
Mystery of Creation.pdf 
Let Us Pray.pdf 
Normal Christian life.pdf 
Love One Another.pdf 
Practical Issues of This Life.pdf 
Not I But Christ.pdf 
Rethinking The Work.pdf 
Revive Thy Work.pdf 
Spiritual Authority.pdf 
The Messenger of the Cross.pdf 
Spiritual Knowledge.pdf 
Spiritual Reality or Obsession.pdf 
Take Heed.pdf 
The Character of God’s Workman.pdf 
The All-Inclusive Christ.pdf 
The Body of Christ.pdf 
The Better Convenant.pdf 
The Breaking of the Outer Man & the Release of the Spirit.pdf 
The Finest of the Wheat 1.pdf 
The Finest of the Wheat 2.pdf 
The Communion of the Holy Spirit.pdf 
The glorious church.pdf 
The Lord My Portion.pdf 
The Glory of His Life.pdf 
The King and the Kingdom of Heaven.pdf 
The Good Confession.pdf 
Watchman Nee Love One Another.pdf 
The Life That Wins.pdf 
The knowledge of life.pdf 
Watchman Nee Love Not The World.pdf 
The Salvation of the Soul.pdf 
The Ministry of Gods Word.pdf 
The Normal Christian Church Life.pdf 
The Release of the Spirit.pdf 
The Mystery of Creation.pdf 
The Spiritual Man.pdf 
The Spirit of Judgment.pdf 
The Prayer Ministry of the Church.pdf 
The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation.pdf 
The Spirit of the Gospel.pdf 
The Testimony of God.pdf 
The Word of the Cross.pdf 
The Overcoming Life.pdf 
Watchman Nee Changed Into His Likeness.pdf 
Watchman Nee A Living Sacrifice.pdf 
Watchman Nee Rejected Exclusivism 2.pdf 
Whom Shall I Send.pdf 
Worship God.pdf 
Ye Search the Scriptures.pdf 

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