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Download Richard Kent Book Collection

Download Richard Kent Book Collection

Download Richard Kent Book Collection

Hot on the heels of the success of The Final Frontier: further spine-tingling stories of near-death experiences. Researched by a Christian doctor and supported by a leading British A&E surgeon, this second collection of true stories relates the experiences of people who have been so near death that they believe they have seen what lies beyond. Some of their experiences are good, some appallingly frightening: could hell really exist?

Richard Kent also explains what the Bible says about heaven and hell, and the choice that lies with each individual. Both in the tabloid newspapers and at the serious academic level, interest continues in this mystifying phenomenon. To fuel the debate, these stories are offered as a fascinating study into death and the life thereafter.

Many with a religious faith will say these stories point to the existence of both heaven above and hell below. Others are more skeptical, saying that these things cannot be proved if they exist at all. Now readers can again “open the book and join the debate.”

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