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Download No Price Is Too High Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Download The Benefits of The Anointing [Part 1] By Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Download No Price Is Too High Archbishop Benson Idahosa

How would you respond to the advice of a man that had nothing less than 28 persons raised back to life!

In the words of Papa “you see miracles here and there and expect me to perform miracles, but no man performs miracles sleeping all nights, I keep the night at least four times in a week”

Archbishop Benson Idahosa talked much on how we should go full length for what we proclaim! He said no one argues with miracles! Jesus can’t be in a place and there wouldn’t be miracles, he sought for the price and paid it!

Are you expecting a miracle or a turnaround, what have you done to provoke it! In our opinion, getting to listen to this message and following the given advice is one of the right decisions you would be happy you made!

Download No Price Is Too High By Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Kindly share with your friends especially youths! A revival will visit the earth soon, and it is our responsibility at SBiC to make materials available in FREE sermons and ebooks to prepare you for it!

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