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Download May 2021 Koinonia Zaria Miracle Service with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

Download May 2021 Koinonia Zaria Miracle Service with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

May 2021 Koinonia Zaria Miracle Service with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

Click Here to Download The Above Sermon with AJS 

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Ezekiel 47:1
Afterward he brought me again unto the door of the house; and, behold, waters issued out from under the threshold of the house eastward:
Ezekiel 47:2
[2]Then brought he me out of the way of the gate northward, and led me about the way without unto the utter gate by the way that looketh eastward; and, behold, there ran out waters on the right side.
Ezekiel 47:3
[3]And when the man that had the line in his hand went forth eastward, he measured a thousand cubits, and he brought me through the waters; the waters were to the ankles.
Ezekiel 47:5
[5]Afterward he measured a thousand; and it was a river that I could not pass over: for the waters were risen, waters to swim in, a river that could not be passed over
  • Receive the Grace for the healing ministry in the Name of Jesus!
  • In the name of Jesus, I stretch out my hands upon you; receive the grace for speed.
    Receive speed in your destiny, your spiritual and financial life in Jesus Name!
  • Any spirit of stagnation connecting you to your yesterday, in the Name of Jesus, I cut it off you now.
  • God is reaching out to people in this house tonight; breaking chains, bringing healing, and opening gates.
    Distance is not a barrier. Stay connected.
  • Seasons of reproach in your life come to an end now!

Isaiah 2:2 And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it.

  • Every altar sitting upon the destiny of men and women, I command by the altar that raised Christ from the dead; be destroyed in the Name of Jesus.
  • The church is a solution providing centre; a centre of miracles, signs and wonders.
    Believers are to translate the power from their secret places into solutions that will improve the lives of individuals and the society.
  • Your Christian Life becomes a testament and a true legacy when it translates into providing solutions to your environment.
  • There are graces allocated for all the dimensions we seek in God. When God grants a man access to unique dimensions of graces, the grace should not be limited to Him. It is God’s desire that many people benefit of the Graces He gives.
  • The goal for the Miracle, Signs and Wonders received by believers, is to present the Living Christ to the World.
  • Specific results in the kingdom are products of specific graces. You must contend for the certain grace allocated for the dimension of God you seek to experience.
  • When God freely engraces a man, he becomes a system of distribution which is primarily for the profiting of the body.
  • Every true revival introduces a great dimension of the physical manifestation of the Power, Character, Grace and Wisdom of God.
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom is a value system that is empowered to positively transform the society and the world at large.
  • There are specific dimensions in God that can only be accessed by a sincere pursuit through desire.
    Desires are connection in the spirit that point to certain results.
  • The pride of mediocrity hinders you from experiencing higher dimensions in the Lord. You contend against mediocrity through humility and striving towards excellence in your pursuit of God.
  • The most effective way to exit the spirit of man out his body (death) is through sickness. You must contend against the spirit of sickness using every spiritual arsenal of victory (The blood, The Word and the Spirit) given to believers in Christ.
  • Everyone under the influence of any chain of captivity, may fire fall and burn those chains in Jesus Name!
  • Every Spiritual prison door, be opened now in the Name of Jesus!
  • In the Name of Jesus Christ, everyone under the sound of my voice suffering from demonic oppression, be free!
  • Are you trusting God for healing?
    Connect with us by faith as the sick are being prayed for. Lay your hands upon the afflicted area or your chest as a point of contact.
  • In the name of Jesus, every spirit of infirmity afflicting anyone, I command that it be gone now!
  • I declare every blood condition, migraine headaches, organs failure, eye condition, and bone condition be healed in Jesus name.
    From the crown of your head to the sole of your feet be healed in Jesus name.
  • I declare that cancers of any stage be healed in Jesus name!
  • Connect with faith as the prayer requests are being prayed upon.
  • Receive favor like you have never seen before in the Name of Jesus!
  • Every wrong association in your life, I separate you from them in the Name of Jesus!
  • As you travel by land, air, or sea, you will not be a victim of accident, evil or kidnappers in the Name of Jesus!
  • I declare that you and your family members are preserved in the Name of Jesus!
  • Every helper of your destiny locates you now in the Name of Jesus!
  • Receive supernatural favor in your finances in the Name of Jesus!
  • Every spirit of lukewarmness departs from you in the Name of Jesus!
  • As you step into the sixth month of the year, every blessing that should have gotten to you from the beginning of the year but was delayed, receive them all now in the Name of Jesus!
  • May the grace to be disciplined to study scriptures and pray be made available in your life in Jesus Name.
  • Receive the graces that make for honour favour and visibility in the Name of Jesus!
  • To everyone under the sound of my voice; You shall not die before time in Jesus Name!
  • Every helper of your Destiny in this season, I command them to show forth in Name of Jesus.
  • By the mercy of the God of heaven, experience supernatural supply, strategic favour and connection in the Name of Jesus!
  • Here is another opportunity to receive the Lordship of Christ in your life. Make the decision today to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior.
    Say this Salvation Prayer.

    Salvation Prayer: Lord Jesus, I welcome You into my life. I believe that You are the Son of God and You died on the cross to save me from darkness and grant me Eternal Life. Lord Jesus, forgive me my sins and accept me into Your Kingdom. Today, I make this decision to give my life to You and live my life for You. Amen


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Download The Above Sermon with AJS 

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