Download Koinonia 2019 Audio Messages with Apostle Joshua Selman

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Download Koinonia 2019 Audio Messages with Apostle Joshua Selman



If you are using an Android Device you can Download Our Mobile App Glory Cloud to Download Phone Size Koinonia Messages Directly into your Device as well as Stream Koinonia Live Services among others.

You CAN Click Here to Download Glory Cloud from Google Play!


A Call To Deeper Realms – Latest Koinonia Sermon


Download the Complete Compilation of the Seven Days Seven Days of Revival Here

Spiritual Growth

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A Call To Deeper Realms

Above The Storms

Ancient Patterns

Extraordinary Fruitfulness  – First Koinonia Service For 2019

Personal Development

Relationship And Family Life

Healing And Miracle Services

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January 2019 Miracle Service

February 2019 Miracle Service – Service Didn’t Hold

March 2019 Miracle Service

April 2019 Miracle Service

May 2019 Miracle Service

June 2019 Miracle Service 

July 2019 Miracle Service

August 2019 Miracle Service

September 2019 Miracle Service

October 2019 Miracle Service

November 2019 Miracle Service – Latest Koinonia Sermon



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