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Kobus Van Rensburg (24 October 1952 – 21 December 2013) was a South African preacher, author, public speaker, and televangelist. He was the founder of Spirit Word ministries. Kobus Van Rensburg was known for his firm belief that the Word of God is power in itself, and must be explained by the Word and not by man’s theories, imaginations, world news reports, and events.

Van Rensburg claimed to have seen thousands of documented Miracles, Healings, Signs and Wonders, and also that he died 7 times and came back from the dead. Kobus Van Rensburg also believed according to the bible that people can be prosperous by practicing biblical and financial principles e.g. tithing, giving offerings, and having faith.

Kobus Van Rensburg gave his life to God in an Evangelistic meeting on his 7th birthday. He drifted away from religion during his high school years, later citing the friends he had in the hostel he was staying at as the reason. In 1971, he joined the South African Air Force and was soon transferred to the Navy to study electrical engineering and also to take an officers course. He later worked in at Atlas Aircraft Corporation. During his sermons he mentions that after being dismissed from the Navy, his mother encouraged him to reconsider his life, and he met Jesus again.

He returned to religious life when he was 24, and within days was preaching on street corners.

When he was 27, he went to a Pentecostal Bible School where he met his wife, Annalise. As a married couple, they pioneered a few churches before taking the pastorate of an established church in Klerksdorp, North West Province, South Africa.

On 26 April 1985 they resigned from the denomination and started Lofdal Ministries, which later became Spirit Word Ministries. In the year 2000, they started broadcasting and 4 years later they launched the Spirit Word Channel. Kobus Van Rensburg died on December 21, 2013, from cancer.

Spirit Word Ministries was started in 1985. The ministry operates a television channel, a Christian School, a Bible School, the Alive for Christ (AFC) student programme and also a Youth ministry which were changed to the Exponential Christ generation (XGEN) in 2017.

The ministry claims that more than 14,000 disabled people have miraculously thrown away crutches and stood up out of wheelchairs. The ministry also reports testimonies of cancers and HIV being healed almost daily.

Spirit Word Ministries is situated in Stilfontein in the North-West Province of South Africa.

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A New Quality Man 1
A New Quality Man 2
An Ear To Hear
Choose To Live Right
Discern Christ’s Death
Faith Or Doubt
God is Able
Gold And Glory
How Important is Your Body
I’M Ascending To God’s Mountain
Kept By The Word
Kingdom of Healing Light
Kingdom Power
Peace And Power
Power in His Name
Restful Waters
Shadows of Power
Supplication For The Saints
The Coming of The New Jerusalem
The Cross And The Wisdom of God
The Kingdom is at Hand
The Light of Your Temple
The Opposing Seed
The Rock And The Gate
Times Of Revival
Walk in The Proceeding Word

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