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Download Essentials For A Glorious Relationship Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

Sermon Note:

What a lady MUST look for in a brother (any brother that does not come along this line is dangerous)

  • God-fearing [faith in God and fear in God are two different things_find out in this message]
  • He must SUBMIT to an earthly authority [he must be answerable to someone at least]
  • He must have PASSION for you not love [any man with no passion for his wife will be unfaithful
  • Never Marry a man who is irresponsible [to be responsible means to aware of cause dimension of life]

What a brother MUST look for in a lady

  • God-fearing [a lady who is not God-fearing will have a sponsor]
  • MUST be submissive to the man at all times [submission is by faith]
  • MUST be sacrificial and hospitable [she must be able to cover her head by protecting him, not revealing his weaknesses and secret]
  • Physical factor [You should be physically attracted to your wife but if the entire reason why you are attracted to your lady is physical, you are in trouble. Spiritualize your process of getting a wife, don’t be carnal]

Prayer Point:

Father, concerning my marriage I need direction, father give me direction, I don’t want to go like every other person

Father, work on me and work in me, Lord I don’t want to be bad Husband/wife. Whatever it is that is driving my wife/husband/anointing/destiny helpers etc away from me, father take them away from me

Lord if you don’t help me I won’t move forward, Father I need your help in every aspect of my life, Father step in and help my marriage/character/children/business/career etc for you are my ever-present help…Father, I give up my strength.. Help me!

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Essentials For A Glorious Relationship

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  1. Kindly help me with how to get the worship songs personally being sang by apostle when he’s about starting his ministrations, with the artist details….. God bless you

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