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Download Ellis H Skolfield Book Collection

Download Ellis H Skolfield Book Collection
Download Ellis H Skolfield Book Collection
Mr. Skolfield was the son of Missionaries to the Southeast Asia theatre.  As such he was taught the Bible from an early age.   He came from a long line of sailors with his father being a Naval Officer in World War I.   Mr. Skolfield followed that tradition by serving in the Navy during World War II.
Mr. Skolfield was a conservative author and Bible teacher who received his theological training at Columbia Bible College, Columbia, SC, USA.  He has written five books on Daniel & Revelation, two on biblical ordinances and one on Multiple Personality Disorder.  His books are considered standard reference works by many believers.
Since 1979, Mr. Skolfield has shown from scripture that the final enemy of the Church and Israel would not be communism or a new one world order, but the radical Islamic fundamentalists of the middle east and so it has turned out to be.
For years, Mr. Skolfield was called a heretic and a cult leader, but not anymore.   The destruction of the Twin Towers and many other acts of terrorism by radical Islamic jihadists prove Mr. Skolfield right!  Unlike his colleagues, Mr. Skolfield recognized the conflicts in Revelation as spiritual in nature – about the unseen war for the seed of Abraham (both spiritual and physical) with the Holy Land as ground zero.
After his passing in 2015, his teaching ministry lives on through his website and through his students who still teach his classes.

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