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Download Bishop David O Abioye’s Sermons [Direct Downloads]

Bishop David O. Abioye is a Pastor of long-standing experience under the ministry of his lifetime mentor, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Bishop David Abioye is presently the Senior Pastor of Living Faith Church, Goshen City, Km 26 Abuja-Keffi Road – Nigeria, West Africa.

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Creating Environment For Divine Guidance (Association).mp3 (19.9 MB)

Biblical Strategies for Fulfilment.mp3 (21.7 MB)
Overcoming The Trap of Destiny Indiscipline.mp3 (21.8 MB)
Benefits of Walking in Divine Plan.mp3 (20.3 MB)
Developing The Human Spirit F.mp3 (19.0 MB)
Fulfilling Divine Plan (PROOF).mp3 (17.8 MB)
Fulfilling Divine Plan (TIMING).mp3 (19.7 MB)
God’s Commitment To Leading You.mp3 (14.8 MB)
Humility-.mp3 (16.6 MB)
Creating Environment For Divine Guidance (Solitude).mp3 (17.4 MB)
Bishop David O Abioye.mp3 (15.9 MB)
Breaking Limits by Spiritual Impartation (Youth Empowerment Forum).mp3 (20.7 MB)
Access To Covenant Riches.mp3 (14.5 MB)
Overcoming The Trap Of Destiny. WRONG ASSOCIATION.mp3 (11.9 MB)
Overcoming The Trap Of Destiny .COMPARISING-.mp3 (12.8 MB)
Overcoming The Trap Of Destiny .INDISCIPLINE-.mp3 (14.6 MB)
Pathway To Peace.mp3 (13.3 MB)
Preparing For Marriage.mp3 (42.4 MB)
Procedure For Discovering Divine Plan.mp3 (10.0 MB)
The reality of predestination.mp3 (14.3 MB)
Securing Your Destiny By The Blood. NIGHT OF DESTINY.mp3 (7.3 MB)
Securing Your Destiny By Wisdom .mp3 (11.2 MB)
Securing Your Destiny With Help From Above.mp3 (10.0 MB)
The Pride Of Fatherhood.mp3 (9.8 MB)
True Measure Of Fatherhood.mp3 (10.1 MB)
Wisdom Keys To Greatness.mp3 (10.9 MB)
Wisdom Keys To Harmonious Family Relationship.mp3 (15.9 MB)
Wisdom the believers’ winning ticket.mp3 (10.5 MB)
Wisdom the fountain of excellence.mp3 (10.5 MB)
Wrestle For Destiny.mp3 (14.1 MB)

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