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Andrew Wommack is an American conservative Charismatic Evangelical Christian TV evangelist, and faith healer. He founded Andrew Wommack Ministries in 1978 and Charis Bible College (originally Colorado Bible College)in 1994.

Wommack started preaching in 1969. He married his wife Jamie in 1972. Over the next six years, they led three small churches and had two sons, Joshua and Jonathan Peter. In 1976, Andrew broadcast his first Gospel Truth radio program on a little country-and-western station in Childress, Texas. The Wommacks founded Andrew Wommack Ministries, Inc. in 1978 and moved their ministry to Colorado Springs in 1980. With the exception of a few months, Wommack has been broadcasting the program ever since. Then in January 2000, he broadcast the first Gospel Truth television program on INSP Network. Response to the message was tremendous, and since then, DayStar Network and The Church Channel, and CTN Christian Television Network in the U.S., GOD TV in Europe and around the world, and several individual television stations have been added. Wommack joined Trinity Broadcasting Network’s lineup with his own daily radio and television show Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack.

“God called us to teach the truth of the Gospel to the body of Christ with special emphasis on God’s unconditional love and the balance between grace and faith.” Wommack teaches that born-again Christians, by the authority of Christ and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, can miraculously heal and raise people from the dead; and he states that his younger son, Jonathan Peter, was raised from the dead by the power of God on March 4, 2001, after being dead for five hours. He said, “I’ve personally seen three people raised from the dead, including my own son. He’d been dead for almost five hours and had already turned black. His toe was tagged and he was lying on a slab in the hospital morgue.”

Wommack states he has witnessed miracles and healings including terminal diseases healed, the dead raised,cancers healed, visual impairment healed, people coming out of wheelchairs, and demons cast out.

Andrew Wommack eBook Collection

A Better Way To Pray [PDF]
Financial Stewardship [PDF]
Harnessing Your Emotions [PDF]
How to Find,Follow, Fulfill God’s will [PDF]
Lessons From Elijah [PDF]
Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith [PDF]
Self-Centeredness- The Source of All Grief [PDF]
Spirit, Soul And Body [PDF]
The Believer’s Authority [PDF]

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