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Compilation of Seven Amazing Qualities Of Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak By Joyce Olanma Egbe 

“This is not aimed at showcasing all of my father’s amazing qualities… I can’t even say it all… This is just to make us aware of the graces God has given to him that the Church of God can benefit from. I spoke to him(Apostle Joshua Selman) about this, and he has opened the portals for anyone humble enough to draw and enter this dimensions… So please be aligned, as I said earlier… His greatest joy is that men are being changed and transformed by his teachings and life in general… you can speak in tongues as you read… Testimonies will be birthed from this.” –Joyce Olanma Egbe 


THE STAYING POWER(The protocol of an encounter)
The staying power talks of the travailing power… People see my father and just think his life started out all glamorous… But far from it… Most of us in the body of Christ don’t have the impetus to stay and birth things… I heard a story of a time my father prayed nonstop for hours until squirrels started to gather around him… The grace to stay in the presence of God and sustain a fiery ever ascending prayer life takes an anointing…. Some men were created to stay until God be perfected in the saints….

The staying power is not about stretching for hours in tongues, it’s about contending till rain falls again like Elijah… This anointing comes with strange tenacity and fire…. When my father preaches on the secret place… Pls listen oo because this man has mastered it… That’s why he can command things in the open… This Anointing has birthed deep encounters that has solidified and crystallised his convictions

For any man to matter in the physical…. He has to first be known in the spirit realm.


‘I surround myself with mysteries like a chariot ‘ Apostle Selman

Please pray in tongues as you read 
Apostle is a custodian of the mysteries of the kingdom.  Access to the mysteries that control this kingdom is like holding the remote control to your environment. No devil or demon can just superimpose into your atmosphere, who are they? What you know is what separates you both in the physical and in the spirit realm… Bill Gates is richer than you not because of Microsoft but because there is something he knows about finance that you don’t. The old woman in your village is still attacking you because of your ignorance.

What do you know? People will go to witch doctors with their problems and they just laugh and give them the prescription for their issues to be addressed… But you are the righteousness of God yet demons are still pressing you in the night and you can’t do anything about it. What you need is not necessarily deliverance, what you need is to hold mysteries, they will surround you like chariots of fire🔥

My Father gave a testimony of how demons use to oppress him at night before. He will pray in tongues but they will still come (because is what you know that controls what happens to you), he said when he got certain mysteries he just laughed stood in front of his room and begged the demons to come, they had taken the nearest exit never to come back.

I will say it again what you know controls what happens to you. Not everything comes through words, some come through entrance of light… At first, you won’t understand but your spirit man has already become a giant… Stop making boasts if you are not holding something… Benson Idahosa knew something oo… My father will use one stare and demons will be running, try it nothing will work because when they weigh you in the spirit, you are light. Jesus I know, Joshua Selman I know, Joyce I know.  Who are you??

When certain mysteries land on you-you will truly begin to live like a god on earth. You can’t die like a mere man, who wants to kill you? The mystery will first answer them by fire before you even respond…. You need this grace to be relevant, thou mighty man/woman. Get mysteries and they will come today through impartations.

I already see some people receiving strange visitations, light is entering certain people right now… I see men having encounters with angels who will teach them this mysteries… Some of you while listening to this message “Accessing the deep things of God” will begin to increase in capacity in the spirit, your body will not be able to contain it at first…. Some of you just read this post again and that’s all and some of you will begin to have strange insight and revelations from scriptures. Thank you, Jesus, for the portals of visitations open



Please still speak in tongues as you read.
Having the spirit of wisdom is having the supernatural ability to provide solutions to problems beyond your experience, intellect, and level of exposure. To be truly wise means to think like God… Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.

The Bible said wisdom is a defense and by wisdom, the earth was founded. See bah if God wants to bless you, be like Solomon don’t ask for money. Wisdom is one of the true riches of the kingdom… I have walked in this dimension even to my own shock… See ehn when God adorns you with true wisdom in the spirit just leave it… This is the anointing that will make you seat with people higher than you in so many ways but you will still be the one counselling them… And like Sheba they will bring treasures.

Wisdom is described as a female in the Bible because she can birth things… The Bible says she’s justified by her Children… Some of you will never be great or mature in the spirit because foolishness dwells in the heart of a child… God cannot take a child to the throne, there is a process that takes place before the king is birthed…. The initiation into an ancient spirit…. WISDOM

Wisdom is not smartness, it is a spirit, it walks with men…. If you are usually confused, you don’t have this spirit… This spirit is what makes Kings…. In the realm of the spirit wisdom is not just a spirit, it is a hedge, it looks like a garrison because it is a defence…. Truly wise people are rare

There is no issue you bring to my father that he can’t profer solution, He is an embodiment of God’s very wisdom.. it’s not smartness, it’s a spirit…. That spirit the Bible says calls out in the streets today and she is calling out to anyone who wants to drink from her

If you want God to use you, calm down and just make sure you and this ancient spirit are constantly in sync because you will face cases like Solomon and without wisdom you will judge by your carnal eyes and ruin lives and make insidious mistakes

The true spirit of the Apostolic is always accompanied by this spirit,this spirit always comes with the spirit of revelation ….
I pray that this ancient spirit, this spirit that has walked with the men of old, with Jesus, with the apostles, and in our age will spread its aura around you. Let every confusion cease. You are not too young to be wise…. Any man who has physical things and lacks this spirit is soon on his way down.



Please still speak in tongues as you read
Signs and wonders have been the theme for the ministry (Eternity Network International) this year. But some of us have followed every teaching so closely but have not entered this dimension, today is for you oo

Signs and wonders are not necessarily miracles, they are unexplainable encounters, scenarios, and experiences that cause people to wonder, stand in awe and points them to Jesus… It will be so shocking, they will know only God could have done it not man

Every Christian ought to have this or else you will spend your whole life explaining to people who Jesus is… But there should be something about your life that points them straight to the king…

You have been in school and nothing about your result has caused men to wonder how you do it… You have been praying to everyone’s hearing but nothing about your life just causes people to come and ask you questions… Some of us have prayed for countless people on diverse issues yet nothing

This portal has been opened since the beginning of this year, but lack of faith and ignorance has hindered a lot of people from entering. God is not a joker oo… If he says signs and wonders he means signs and wonders raw.

Everybody who has encountered my father always goes back in wonder… His life cannot be explained by maths, As a spiritual man people should not just easily explain your life, 2+2 should not be 4,it should yield such a high number, they will know they are missing it somewhere….

When you talk to people do they wonder how you got your wisdom or you talk just like everybody, this thing is an anointing if it’s not there it’s not there

Today ehn…. Just pray to enter this dimension, your business is moving the way everybody’s own is moving, nothing about your business causes your neighbors to ask questions…

Enter, Enter… I see an open door and people are entering, let the excellency and beauty of your own life cause you to stand in awe… Walk in the realm where you are like god on earth, you don’t operate like normal men… The extraordinary, I change people’s cgpa, I erase carryovers that people should’ve gotten…. In this season let your result bring tears of joy to you, strange wonders, the realm of gold dusts and supernatural healings… Unexplainable occurrences



The Hebrew word is the ‘mimshach’ anointing… This is the anointing that causes expansion, spreading in the hearts of men and across territories… This was the anointing the Bible meant when it called the devil the anointed Cherub that covereth…. Now you see why if someone sells his soul to the devil whether the song makes sense or not, in days everyone would’ve heard it and liked it for no particular reason.

For any man to go to the nations… This anointing must accompany you or else forget about best-selling books, your business becoming a world brand or overflows in your ministry…. Without this anointing no matter your efforts you will remain local….

My father’s ministry (Eternity Network International) is known for overflows, any place he goes to minister is always packed full even if the church never had overflow, something will cause men to come… The influence that is recognized both in the spirit and physical realm

Some of us musicians especially gospel are far better than this secular musicians but they have chosen to covenant with this mimshack grace but the gospel artist will just stay in studio 24hrs working on voice alone… You better lock yourself at night and first take the nations spiritually…

As I said if you are planning to go global, international… Just donate your spirit today for this grace to land on you oo…. Myles Munroe of blessed memory was a man with this anointing, even Billy Graham

The devil is so influential in systems not because he is cunning but he knows how to access the hearts of men, …

The anointing of influence gives your competent skill a voice, that is the anointing that draws men to you… They won’t just like you, they will listen to you, this anointing is a trust because anyone with it can influence a whole generation positively or negatively…. There are some people who aren’t as good as you but this anointing has been speaking over them, you are more competent than them but people will leave you and go to them, they will have access to kings and great men

This anointing is for people that want to go to the nations, without this anointing your voice cannot matter in your generation, you will just be in the background always MIA(missing in action)



please still speak in tongues as you read
Those that were around in Koinonia service or other services can testify to this grace…. Apostle said we should even be more sensitive these last two days… 
The power of performance is a realm where what so ever you declare is picked up by the realm of the spirit and produced immediately… It is the realm were your words is truly like God on earth…

If my father makes declarations over your life… We that are testaments can testify how results are birthed immediately…. This grace on my father is one that I have coveted for years now because words are capital in the realm of the spirit… So when your words are not weighty enough, there are certain things you can never purchase from the spirit realm

Immediately my father started declaring yesterday, the angel assigned to this grace had already gone to work to ensure that his words don’t fall to the ground…. Remember Samuel in the Bible, it says Samuel’s words never fell to the ground in his lifetime…. That’s the anointing on my father’s life…. Even those who have attended external ministrations or listened to his messages can testify

I knew testimonies, strange testimonies will be birthed in this his birthday period when I told him before day 1 about this posts…. He made some dangerous declarations and I just knew it was finished….

Can you speak and ministering spirits go straight to work? Or all you do is rant about for hours and your words didn’t even reach the ceiling? There are some of our parents who are not even enlightened but once they speak things happen… It’s not just about Rhema oo

Yes, words are powerful even from a natural man… But am talking about speedy response… See bah these last two days will truly be filled with signs and wonders… Thank God ve spoken about that grace so that you will know what you are entering into….

This anointing is the creative dimension of prophecy, where whether you saw it or not… You can change situations that don’t align with God’s will

Lord, I pray that as you touched Isaiah’s tongue…. Visit people today, as my father has declared testimonies will be birthed from today… Let men begin to stand as oracles over their families, finances, and academics in Jesus Name.

Tomorrow is our father’s birthday😀😀😀😀… Pls just take out time in the early hours of the morning to just pray for him and decree over his life… That’s the least we can do to strengthen him spiritually

I didn’t want to talk about this grace, but the Holy Spirit said NO… So here I am

My father is planted in HAVILAH (the land of gold) … Yes, my father has immense understanding in financial planning, intelligence, and discipline and is inarguably valuable but it Supersedes that… This grace usually manifests in 3 major dimensions…. FAVOR, WISDOM(Divine direction and strategies) AND ACTIVATION OF THE BLESSING

How I know my father has this grace is because I have seen him pray or make declarations over people’s finances and in minutes or days, their financial story just changes…. A general that carried this grace was Alexander Dowie, nobody knew how he was getting the money but he single-handedly built one of the largest cities in America named ‘Zion City’….

Any man that thinks he can be happily wealthy or even think of reaching Forbes list needs to partner with this anointing… This is the anointing that makes money, resources, and valuable relationships come to you speedily and in large quantities… If you have to work for every penny you get, you are poor…

Many people don’t even know they carry this grace because all they are praying to see is miracle money… But miracle money is the least dimension of this anointing…. As I said it can manifest in tremendous favour ie…. The people who have the ability to bless you or connect you with your blessing begin to come your way, people love you and want to bless you no matter how small or big the gift is…

My father has never come to Koinonia stage to beg for funds… Why should I be connected to such a stream and be dying of hunger or starvation? Pls don’t get me wrong, learn to understand the principles of wealth but the body without a spirit is dead… Anybody, any idea, any innovation that is not backed up by a spirit does not have the propensity to live, grow, expand or metamorphose…

When God wants to bless you, business is just a small tool he will use…. If your business is backed up by this spirit, like Isaac you will sow in famine but get 100% interest in that same period, when people say there is a casting down… Ahap, you sha know you are not part of them, when there is dryness and scarcity, you are busy giving testimonies of overflow…. This is truly what it means to be planted by the riverside… Year in year out no shaking, this anointing exempts you from those who labour all day only to eat the bread of sorrow

This grace has been hovering since apostle taught on the lifter of men… I have donated my head for it to land and I have seen how favor can come from those who don’t even like you, those who threw you aside….

If you are called to kingdom finance, the portal is so so open…. I pray that God begins to give you strange ideas, business plans, and innovations that will generate millions and billions… I pray that scarcity, lack, and poverty becomes a thing of the past… The covenant my father enacted that planted him in Havilah, let it begin to speak over your life…. For honouring him, I pray that the strange anointing for favor will locate you and begin to route men to bring to your resources, financial and material…… I pray that this is the last time you will work only to eat the bread of sorrow…. I open the heavens, and I release the harvest of men… Your years of labour I decree that it comes so swiftly, it will bring you to tears….

In Conclusion:

I told us to take out time in the few hours of the morning and just pray and decree over my father’s life
You can take out time and go through all the 7 graces we talked about earlier… That was just to mention a few, there are so many other graces but I spoke on these ones because that’s the one the Holy Spirit imprinted in my spirit

Here is my own prayer for my father, I feel that is the greatest gift we could possibly give him

Lord I pray for my father, all the graces currently at work in his life, I pray that they begin to manifest in increased dimensions.. I pray that you increase his greatness and comfort him on every side, let his life be continually as a shining light that shines brighter and brighter, this light will continue to draw gentiles and Kings… Lord I pray that you open up to him deeper dimensions of the anointing… I pray that his heart desires be answered… I decree strange covering over him and everything that concerns him… May all those who have honoured him one way or the other step into strange dimensions that will surprise them…. Every thing placed under his care multiplies and expands… May his influence begin to penetrate nations, continents and territories…. Amen

You can add more…. Daddy I love and honor you with my heart…. Happy Birthday my father

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