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Bro Gbile Akanni, who lives in Gboko is a teacher of the Word. He holds an inter-denominational fellowship which attracts Christians of all backgrounds. He doesn’t run a church. He is an itinerant preacher who moves from one denomination to another on invitation.

A man with high understanding of the bible. Gbile Akanni heads up a ministry, ‘Living Seed’ (a weekly fellowship gathering), centred in Gboko, Nigeria. The ministry is trans-denominational and reaches into every strata of the nation.

His Ministers’ Leadership Retreat which takes place in December every year is attended by 15,000 leaders from all walks of life, not just the Church. Bro Gbile Akanni is committed to turning believers into disciple. He has great depth of the word of God.

His authoritative teaching is deeply challenging and life-changing and he has deep desire to see a mighty visitation of God in these crucial times. His areas of strength are in teaching and evangelism.

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