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[2019 Birthday]How I Met Apostle Joshua Selman and His Messages That Blessed Me From Around The World-Batch Three

How I Met Apostle Joshua Selman and His Messages That Blessed Me From Around The World-Batch Three

How I Met Apostle Joshua Selman and His Messages That Blessed Me From Around The World-Batch Three

These are articles written from around the world, gathered by our team to celebrate God’s Servant Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak on account of his Birthday [25th June], we pray it challenge and bless you to a higher life in Jesus name amen! Enjoy!

How I got connected to Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak : it happen early last two years ,when I and some of my fellow youths in church became hungry for God and we wanted to know more about God. For it was a burden in our hearts that revival is lacking in our Church, so we started organizing Night Vigils and in one of those Vigils, Our Leader came to church that night and we engaged in few discussions and he told us there’s a message he’ll want us to listen to before other youths will start coming for the Vigil (cos other youths became interested in the meeting, since God was really helping us).

So he connected his phone to the church PA system and we started listening and the Message was Tittled: WHY REVIVAL DIES.
Frankly speaking, I prayed that day like never before.
So from that day onward, I’ve been a faithful follower of Apostle Joshua Selman Ministry.

Emmanuel Akin

It was a sister called Blessing who brought the message and said have you heard of Joshua Selma? I answer yes ,though I have only been seeing him on Facebook and I’m not interested. She now ask me to listen to one of the message I refused. After some days she came back again and plead pastor just listen to it once. I obliged and she transferred it into my phone. Beloveth, after listening to the first message title ” the secret place ” it turn my life around. I started hunting for more of his messages. Today I know God has brought me thus far through the teaching of this great servant of God. I will always ask why didn’t I have access to such messages ten years a go? But thank God within one year of listening and following Apostle Joshua Selma my life and destiny’s never remain the same.

As we celebrate this great Oracle of God. I pray the light he has brought into our generation will never quench in the name of Jesus. He is a torch bearer, a road pointer, a value enhancer, a channel of blessing, a living portal, a beacon of hope, an oasis in the desert land. More grace! More auction as we celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday sir! I wish you many more years!
Pst Alexander James
I have not met Apostle Selman in person because I based here in Lagos but I got to hear about him via a friend who gave me one of his message titled ‘Diligence’ and that message touched me and ever since, I have been following his messages online.
Name Withheld


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