[2019 Birthday]How I Met Apostle Joshua Selman and His Messages That Blessed Me From Around The World-Batch One

How I Met Apostle Joshua Selman and His Messages That Blessed Me – Batch One

These are articles written from around the world, gathered by our team to celebrate God’s Servant Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak on account of his Birthday [25th June], we pray it challenge and bless you to a higher life in Jesus name amen! Enjoy!

I was in my room one day feeling so much depressed because things were not going well as I expected them to be. I actually didn’t know what to do next. My boss who I’m living with too told me he can’t work with me again and I was feeling very bad that very day. I picked up my phone to find something to listen to and when I opened my music app on my phone, I scrolled from the top to the bottom of all my music list and I didn’t really find any song that really drew my attention so I decided to put it on shuffle.

After I shuffled the music list, the first to play was a man talking, this time I didn’t hear a music tone but someone I haven’t heard before talking about worship. I don’t really know the title of the message but in the message he(Apostle) spoke about how that we sometimes talk too much and do not meditate, and he also said when should use our constructive imagination. And also he said we should try to be quiet and listen to our spirit. We shouldn’t talk too much. And as we listen and meditate, we should imagine the things we are listened to or the scriptures we have read and imagine them and whiles doing that we should begin to mutter the things that hear and feel in our spirit.

The message was not too long, but after listening to it for the first time, I put it on repeat and listened to it several times. Later I asked a friend if he know the preacher and he said it is Apostle Joshua Selman and from there, I downloaded lots of his messages and started listening to them daily.
I didn’t use to like listening to messages but now I am addicted to listening to messages. I follow his teachings every Friday here in Ghana.

May God richly bless Apostle Joshua Selman

-Name Withheld

My name is Cameron Obeng and I am a Ghanaian. I met Apostle last year December and this is how I met him. I am a student of University of Education Winneba-Kumasi Campus and a friend of mine that I am in the same class told me a prophetic message that he had. He said he saw me having the same calling as a certain man of God called Joshua Selman. Even when he said it thought that he was referring to Johnson Suleman and he said no Joshua Selman rather. So he told me to get his messages and listen. So I started searching for this man.

The first time I downloaded fifty of his messages and the first message I listened was INTIMACY where he talked about the core value of koinonia and talking about he has taken us to a higher realm and we knowing the holy spirit more. In fact, since then there was a strange spiritual hunger that set me on fire. I am just 21 years of age and if I tell you whenever I start to do spiritual things it will marvel you.

Currently, I have more than 500 of his audio messages and I also have more than 60 of his videos posted at youtube. I have all his 2019 messages from EXTRAORDINARY FRUITFULNESS TO MAY MIRACLE SERVICE about to get THE BE-ATTITUDE. These are some of my favorite messages:  The Secret Place,  Dominion Mandate, Why Revival Dies, Be Fruitful, The Glory That Excel and many more. I love you very much Apostle for transforming my life. Although I have never seen you before.  One wish in my heart is I have planned that after I have graduated from University that is early next year I will, by all means, attend ENI school of ministry so expect me. I love you very much APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN NIMMAK.

Happy Birthday to you PAPA

– Cameron Obeng


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I met Apostle Joshua Selman live last year 2018 at the OASIS conference Victoria Island, Rccg. with the Topic: The name of Jesus, actually its was a senior friend that invited me.
Apostle begin by saying that without encounter, the saint can not grow. He also said that encounter produces convictions, its makes it real. encounter brings about light. Jesus is an experience, He is the light that darkness can’t understand.

That word hit me strongly then i prayed a prayer that Jesus, i want to experience you personally at the same venue i felt his presence so mightly was just crying cos i could not control myself and since then he has been my light and salvation.

Since then I do listen to some of Apostle’s messages like Envoy of his presence, doers of the word, Jesus only, call to worship, peace, awakening etc. And these messages has contributed to my spiritual life tremediously. Thanks to God for Bringing Apstle Joshua Selman as a voice to this generation. its a priviledge

-Precious Ene

A colleague introduce me to his messages. She was always having an earpiece on and I asked her what are you listening to sef, then she said it’s a message. Then I said let me also listen then she said it’s long don’t know if I like it. I asked how long? She said almost 2hrs. I said small thing when I was LRA(Pastor Tunde Bakare) that’s d length for sermon. So I listened to “the power of knowledge ” that message stirred up hunger for more and am happy today I did encounter his message even my hubby when I told him to listen he asked where n how did I get this message. We are blessed because he answered, paid the price and align himself to be a blessing to this generation n my family.
Happy birthday Apostle Joshua Selma. Blessed is the womb that borne you. Many more Grace ,peace, wisdom be multiplied unto you in all sides. I and my family honour you. Thank you for the dimensions and revelations of God and His word you dispense. You came and we saw, we hear and we testify that you are a blessing to us. Happy birthday sir.
-Ekaete Uno


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How I met Apostle Joshua Selman. I met this great man of God through His messages, have not seen him face to face but I hope to very soon. The first message I listened to was commanding result, I came to understand that is possible you command results but it depends on the level you are in the Spirit. Second one is envoy of His presence, my spirit was fired up to pressed in more into realm of the Spirit to know more of God and His workings.
There was a time I was passing through some dealings, I was just led to listen to a message called THE EMERGENCE PT 1, Daddy said some things which I cannot forget, He said your tears and expression of faith are not signs of unbelief, furnace of afflictions are where mighty men r made. You are in the class where Holy Spirit is teaching u, PAY ATTENTION. One of your distance mentee is saying Daddy thank you for releasing yourself for God to use, thanks for answering this great call, thank you sir for paying the sacrifice. In this new year of yours!
-Gbolahan Victoria
Others to Come in Shortly


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